Guide Log - articles from a successful muskie guide! Guide Tips - great ideas on how to improve your fishing techniques. Muskie, walleye and bass are featured fish... Links - visit other sites that we recommend including the Lac Du Flambeau Chamber of Commerce site. Photos - great shots of happy guide clients that boated big fish on the Flambeau Chain! Contact - get in touch with me here. Rates - up-to-date details on rates for half and full day professional guide services on the Flambeau Chain.

Current rates for professional guide services by Flambeau Chain expert Rick Domini.

Returning to shore after a productive day of nailing fighting muskies or thick walleyes or trophy bass...

Booking an outing to fish the pristine waters of the Flambeau Chain is a sure way to have a great time chasing big fish and enjoying the beauty of the Northwoods.

I offer half-day and full day outings...and so on...


Guide rates for half and full days on the beautiful Flambeau Chain.

Half-day: $200
Minimum 4 Hours on the water.
Full Day: $375
Minimum 8 Hours on the water.

Important details that will make your time fishing the Flambeau Chain waters more enjoyable.  

 Live Bait is not included in the price. Rates listed for 1-2 people.

To land the mighty muskie, it's vital to be well-prepared.  

 Fully loaded Ranger Fishermen boat. Bringing your own rods, reels, tackle optional. Advance notice required if you need this equipment provided, no extra charge.

If you have any questions about my rates or want to discuss special arrangements, please call me @ 715-367-4938, e-mail me or visit my Contact page.

Great Guide Tips on catching big muskies, walleye and bass. Focus on the Flambeau Chain of Lakes.
* 05/03/2015
   2015 Walleye size limit has changed!
* 10/04/2013
   Late, Turnover Bigins
* 06/08/2013
   Cold Water!
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Guide Log full of fishing info on the Flambeau Chain of Lakes.

The Walleye pictured is a rare "mid day" Walleye off the chain. Anyone who knows me knows I rarely fish ...

Flambeau Chain of Lakes Muskie Fishing.

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