Guide Log - articles from a successful muskie guide! Guide Tips - great ideas on how to improve your fishing techniques. Muskie, walleye and bass are featured fish... Links - visit other sites that we recommend including the Lac Du Flambeau Chamber of Commerce site. Photos - great shots of happy guide clients that boated big fish on the Flambeau Chain! Contact - get in touch with me here. Rates - up-to-date details on rates for half and full day professional guide services on the Flambeau Chain.

A successful catch and release of a nice-sized muskie.With years of experience guiding on the Flambeau Chain, I have made a lot of friends and used a lot of gear. This page of links is a resource for sites of sponsors, friends and interesting things I come across.

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Bystra's Bungalow
Looking to stay in a cozy cabin while you spend time fishing with Rick? Check out Bystra's Bungalow - situated on Lake Crawling Stone, part of the great Flambeau Chain, you're sure to enjoy the serene setting after a great day of fishing!
Lac du Flambeau Chamber
Local Information
Moon Secrets
This is who / where I got on this! Take some time and visit.
St Croix Rods
I have fished St Croix Rods exclusively for 17 years. I appreciate their continued support and service and you will too. Please visit their site!
Great Guide Tips on catching big muskies, walleye and bass. Focus on the Flambeau Chain of Lakes.
* 05/03/2015
   2015 Walleye size limit has changed!
* 10/04/2013
   Late, Turnover Bigins
* 06/08/2013
   Cold Water!
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Guide Log full of fishing info on the Flambeau Chain of Lakes.

The Walleye pictured is a rare "mid day" Walleye off the chain. Anyone who knows me knows I rarely fish ...

Flambeau Chain of Lakes Muskie Fishing.

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