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The waters of the Flambeau Chain in beautiful Northern Wisconsin offer up big walleye along with fat bass and monster musky whenever Rick Domini Guide Services are on the water.Here's where the action is - short updates on what's working to generate strikes from the mighty muskies, wily walleyes and bangin' bass! Working with the weather, trying a new approach to a familiar hotspot, changing up your tackle and lots more will be covered as tips. You never know what you may learn...

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12/17/2012 - Unsafe Ice

As of 12/17/12 Fence Lake is wide open. Big Crawling Stone & Long had areas with open water. Flambeau & Pokegama were frozen however the ice is only one inch thick. With no sub zero weather forcast anytime soon these lake will probably not be safe until after the first of the year. Use extreme caution!

- Rick Domini
* 10/04/2013
   Late, Turnover Bigins
* 06/08/2013
   Cold Water!
* 05/13/2013
   May 13th and sill ice on Fence
* 04/25/2013
   Ice Ice Baby!
* 01/24/2013
   Safe Ice
* 12/17/2012
   Unsafe Ice
* 03/27/2012
   WOW Early Ice Out!!
* 06/23/2011
   Time for Crank Baits
* 05/03/2011
   Cold Water for 2011 Opener
* 04/19/2010
   Early ice out should make for good spring action!
* 03/28/2010
* 12/15/2009
   Ice still unsafe!
* 04/27/2009
   Early Ice Out!!
* 10/15/2008
   Turnover has started!
* 05/08/2008
   Want Big Spring Walleyes?
* 05/23/2007
   PM Fishing is best!
* 12/08/2006
   We have ice - Finally!!
* 10/11/2006
   10/11/06 Turnover has started!
* 05/21/2006
   A Spring Tip That Never Fails!
* 12/03/2005
* 10/25/2005
* 10/04/2005
   Big Panfish Bite Now!
* 08/05/2005
   Big Smallies bite in August!
* 06/09/2005
   The Weed Walleye Bite is Here!
* 05/18/2005
   Tough conditions should change soon.
* 05/06/2005
   Opener should be Good!
* 02/11/2005
   Conditions are Great - Get out there and Ice Fish!
* 12/26/2004
   The Ice is on!
* 12/04/2004
   No Ice Yet!
* 10/23/2004
   Turn Over is Completed
* 10/12/2004
   Turn Over is Here!
* 09/17/2004
   September's Big Fish Bonanza!
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* 05/03/2015
   2015 Walleye size limit has changed!
* 10/04/2013
   Late, Turnover Bigins
* 06/08/2013
   Cold Water!
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The Walleye pictured is a rare "mid day" Walleye off the chain. Anyone who knows me knows I rarely fish ...

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