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The Guide Log of a professional muskie fishing guide specializing on the Flambeau Chain.

40 Years on the Flambeau Chain

The Flambeau Chain remains one of Norhtern WI best trophy fisheries for many species of fish.

It's hard to believe this year marks 40 years since I first went out on Flambeau Lake with Doc Stricker. (6/72) The Northern Pike fishing was tremendous near Medicine Rock. It seemed you could catch a Pike every cast on Mepps #5's. Musky were also prevelent in the large Cabbage beds. At age 11, I caught two 26-29 inchers my first weekend out. By 14, I had my first leagal Musky (39 1/2").

Walleye were around but not caught in great numbers by most anglers. Then came the "Lindy Rig"!

Fast forward to 2012. The fishery has totally changed. Bass rule the waters and Walleye are very prevelant. In most lakes, however, the Musky and Northern are almost gone! Pokegama has the most Pike currently, but in lakes like Fence & Big Crawling Stone they seem almost extinct. Musky also have become scarce & ellussive; but the average size is usually over 40 inches if you get one. Trophy fish are there for sure, but catching numbers like in the "old days" just doesn't happen.

Spring time Bass fishing on the Chain offers the opportunity have 100+ fish days! Largemouth and Smallmouth can be caught in big #'s with average size fish in the 2-4 lb range! Platic worms rigged "weedless wacky" are the best!! (Thanks Pat Dwyer) The month of May offers fast action and quality fish. The best Smallmouth bite for me is Fall for big fish (5-lbers are not uncommon) but spring and summer can also be great at times depending on weather. Walleye fishing really heats up in June and catching 15-20 fish is not uncommon when the bite is on. Big fish can also be had! I routinely boat 3-5 in the 27+ range every year! Other good months to fish Walleye include August and October. And of course I love ice fishing!! (31" 10.8 lbs caught 12/10)

I don't spend near the time fishing Muskie I use to, but when I do it seams Aug-Sept remains the best. Deep water far out produces the old weedbeds. The Deep Green Cabbage has given way to all kinds of foriegn weed growth. It's not good! Boat traffic also, I believe, has pushed the fish deeper.

Nice size Crappie are available in numbers, however, the nice Perch are scarce these days. Spring & fall are best.

By targeting the most prevalant fish species at the right time of year your success is guaranteed to increase!!

- Rick Domini

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   Cold Water Temps
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* 05/03/2015
   2015 Walleye size limit has changed!
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   Late, Turnover Bigins
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   Cold Water!
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The Walleye pictured is a rare "mid day" Walleye off the chain. Anyone who knows me knows I rarely fish ...

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