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Full Moon + Moon Rise = Success!

Chris Cooper caught & released this beautiful 49 1/4 inch Musky on a Grandma Lure on 6/21/05

Chris and I planned 3 weeks in advance to Musky fish on this particular night. It was Full Moon in June, the summer solstace, and things just looked good!

When we headed out there was a slight threat of rain and it was about an hour before sunset. We fished a couple spots and talked about where we wanted to be at PRIME TIME! Sunset was at 8:40 and moon rise at 9:03pm, lots of activity! About 8:45pm we pulled on to a weed bar that is very large and drops into very deep water. It is a spot we both have caught many Musky from and just the type of place you would want to be.

After very few casts and a slight repositioning, about 9:00 Chris shouted fish on! Shortly after, a very large Musky emerged from the water at boatside shaking it's head violently trying to shake the hook. I moved quickly as Chris fought on, raising the elctric motor and narrowly missing big problems. Then getting the fish in the net! It measured 49 1/4 and had great markings. It had almost totally engulfed the big Grandma bait Chris was throwing.

Chris worked many years at the Fish'n Bum & D-bar-D with us. His cousin David Cooper was really our first "long term" employee. He was with us about 3 years before going to college. At that time he recomended his younger cousin Chris Cooper as a good replacement.

Funny thing is David Cooper caught his first legal and biggest musky ever in 1990 on Flambeau Lake, 50 1/2 inches the first time he ever fished with me. *See photos link.

Chris ended up working at "The Bum" for about 5 years. We have fished together quite a few times but this was our first Musky together!

Not bad- A 50 1/2 & a 49 1/4 - If your last name is COOPER you may want to book an outing!

- Rick Domini

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